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Gary Susser is the principal and founder of the firm.
Gary is a seasoned trial attorney with 30 years of experience in complex litigation matters including personal injury, malpractice, geriatric rights, civil rights, and consumer rights. Gary Susser is dedicated to representing injured victims.
Gary handles claims ranging from automobile accidents to professional malpractice. He has represented families in wrongful death cases, people who are paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, various spinal injuries as well as traumatic brain injury, back injuries, and cases involving burns and scarring. His clients come from all walks of life ranging from laborers to management personnel who have sustained injury. It is the goal of our tort system to compensate injured parties by making them whole to the extent possible by monetary compensation for their injuries. Gary's goal is to maximize each client's recovery to the fullest extent permitted by law.
Clients come from many sources, including referrals from other attorneys and doctors who are familiar with our efforts. The best source of referrals is his existing clients.
Having a son, Adam Susser, who was the victim of horrific medical malpractice, and rendered cortically blind and quadriplegic cerebral palsy, Gary knows all too well that all of his clients are going through an extremely difficult time in their lives. His goal is to guide them through this experience as smoothly as possible and to be in a position to protect their rights in the courtroom, and seek to achieve the maximum amount of money which will assist them for the rest of their lives.
Gary invites you to contact him for questions and information regarding your claim, and to schedule a free consultation. Meeting Gary and his wonderful support staff is the first step in your journey to the successful resolution of your claim.

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